How to Make an Anime Style Gift Basket

How to Make an Anime Style Gift Basket

1. Choose a basket theme tailored to the recipient.

Choose your favorite anime for the basket, such as Sailor Moon or My Hero Academia! You can find several enticing and convincing wallpapers on the internet of BnHA or Kimetsu no Yaiba. Or you could get a little edgy, making the bottom layer unique by printing out a ahegao wallpaper onto a piece of paper. Mark the piece of paper to cover the size of the oval at the bottom of the basket. Then, you can cut out the shape and use glue or tape to stick it to the bottom.

2. Start with the base for your gift!

Now that you've selected your theme and found a niche, let's go with the physical product. Start with figuring out how you want it to look, making sure to keep the recipient(s) style in mind! Are they a shopaholic friend, or a caregiver? Do they spend a lot of time away from home or are they someone you visit often?

The reason I'm saying this is because you might want to share this post with your friends! No seriously, sometimes the best form of giving is by sharing what helps you to others. If you know someone online you'd like to support, make sure to share with them any resources that you've found helpful on your journey. Digital gifts include subscription services, certificates, and vouchers.

3. Make or buy the gift items.

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You might be thinking, OK I don't have money. We get it. Most of our audience is in school or working towards their goals. That's totally fine how you decide to spend your money! Just saying this though, you'd be surprised how inexpensive great things are. If you have a good eye and a nick for frugality, you can easily find gift opportunities wherever you go. Just as an example, when walking into a restaurant near your home you can ask the front hostess for a flier or pamphlet. Sometimes, certain places have to-go order areas where you can pick up free coupons and delivery service print-outs. (Restaurant cards as a gift)

Chances are that if you gifting this basket to another anime fan, they might love to read! Plenty of anime fans also happen to be avid gamers or readers, so keep this in mind when searching for items around you to give. For example, maybe you can find gaming credits or accessories for your receiver this holiday season!

Fill the basket with lovely items, from commonplace gifts to something more elegant. The best advice when doing so, is to think of demand. Would you want someone to give you socks or a hat as a little Christmas gift? Think of what type of clothing this special someone prefers! Clothes and food are a need that will always be in demand, hence the reason why gift cards for restaurants tend to do so well ;)

4. Arrange in the Style of Your Theme.

Finding value in your gift is easy. Arranging it might actually be the hard part! Hard doesn't have to equal boring though, since challenges are perfect for freeing yourself out of your comfort zone. Start with your bulkiest, heaviest item. Place it towards the bottom to serve as weight control. Then begin to pack the rest of the gifts within the bag or box surrounding the main attraction!

5. Final word

The gifts that will make a big impression this holiday season are the ones that will make life easier for us to navigate between our physical and digital worlds. Special thanks to our Instagram friends @ririchithenyanpire and @x_.geminii._x

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