How to Make Money Fast as a Cosplayer

How to Make Money Fast as a Cosplayer

7 Steps on How to Make Money Fast As a Cosplayer

1. Learn about making money online.

The fastest way to make money is to start learning about it. It sounds counter-intuitive but it's really true. As soon as you start to explore the different types of income and methods out there, your world will begin to expand. Here at AnimeXpres, we totally love and support the cosplay community and want you to win! So please, don't be shy about asking us any questions on how you can score opportunities with us. Keep in mind, we only do promotions for a temporary basis, so this may not be for everybody.

Don't go into the next decade missing out on opportunities just because you didn't do the diligent research of understanding how money works in the first place. Not only are there multiple resources on this topic all over the internet, there are even mentors and people in the anime industry who've been in your shoes before! So don't be afraid to ask questions, learn from people who've already "made it" and understand the game. You'll save loads of time from learning the mistakes of others instead of making the mistakes yourself.

Even if this is just something you want to do on the side, there's so much material online that it's bound to help you in life one way or another. So have fun on your journey! Now let's get into the real deals.

2. Create a photo album and share it on social media

What's a photo album you might ask? A photo album is a collection of photos. That's it! Your job as a professional Cosplayer is to offer value to the world through your photos! You know you spend time getting the right image, right outfit, and perfect lighting. After doing so, it's also up to you to decide what to do next. So many of you reading this might have come from Instagram! Well, Facebook is an easy start to create a photo album.

Look at a photo album as a promotion for yourself. Everybody nowadays is looking to make money online as an Instagram model so one way to stand out is to be yourself. Having a good photo album on photography platforms like Flickr and Pinterest captures how pretty you and your role-play look. If you want to earn money from cosplay, put yourself out there! Be unique and don't stress the small things.

3. Tag HUGE Cosplayers and Anime Events!

You have to look at this from a business perspective... Anime conventions happen every single year. Guess what also goes down at anime conventions? Traffic. And lots of it! Traffic is what's needed for you to even make your money in the first place. If you're truly hungry for the fame, you know what to do. Tag the anime events you are interested in and join the anime cons that happen all the time!
Cosplay is a fun way to express yourself, so get out there and network with other cosplayers.

4. Reach Out to Upcoming Brands for Promotion.

In the age of the mobile internet, everybody is hungry for attention. Just like we have your attention in providing quality posts to motivate you and help your career, there are hundreds of stores being marketed on the daily. Thanks to this global demand for advertising space, Instagram is the perfect place to build yourself and earn from.

There are cool stores out there willing to pay premium prices to Instagram models for promoting their products onto their story or to their following. You can set your rates cheaply at first just to get your foot in the door and set up a relationship with your clients. Then, once you start to gain a buzz you can raise your prices to what you feel you are worth. But just don't be that person on Instagram charging $30/day when you haven't even done any promotion before.

5. Build Networks with "Mavens"

What if you could be seen by more people in your niche? Don't waste time trying to connect with cosplayers you look up to. Instead, network with the "mavens" of the anime industry. There are people out there, like anime merch sellers,broadcasters, and fan pages that are the backbone of the anime community. The really cool part about them is that they have a loyal following that can share your work with their audience, and give you the social proof needed as a cosplayer to make money fast.

6. License your work.

This is the secret that separates the hobbyist from the professionals. The small players from the big leagues. It's the simplicity of branding yourself to your audience and meeting their needs. Licensing in particular is a pretty neat idea because this gives you options to distribute your photos you've spent hours taken onto multiple platforms on the internet.

Making money sounds easy, but honestly it's really not. You'd be surprised the amount of demand there are for royalty-free images and photos that people need for their small projects, businesses, and ideas. Content creators are all over the world looking for royalty-free stock photography. Use this market to your advantage by applying yourself first!

7. Become a Brand Ambassador!

When you become a brand ambassador, you are essentially working for yourself. This goes hand-in-hand with vigorous growth. The difference between working for yourself, and working for a salary or hourly wage is that when you are working for yourself, time is money. So this means you have to value yourself more. (Read my post on How to Love Yourself as a Cosplayer) ---

I'm not promising you will make thousands in a month, but just getting a general understanding of how marketing works will allow you to be in the small percentage of cosplayers who know the process and are able to generate income from their value. With that being said, you are already on your first step to make money fast as a cosplayer!


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